Am I using him?



I have loved 3 people in my life, like this.. infatuation is a bit of a bastard

Have fun.. that was the agreement, no strings, laughs, stuff… helping each other because both of us have had the fair share of shat on heart syndrome shit … this is helping.

When I am with him and not with him I’m a little obsessed

I can think about anything else, I can’t focus, I’m a mess at work when that was once the focus of my life, the thoughts the pain all goes away, whats in it for him? company? Love? Attention? Friendship?

Is he using me?

Knowing theres a definitive date where this ends is obviously the catalyst for this intensity, I wonder if we could of crossed paths Saturday night and if things would of ended the same…. no travelling involved.

I think not.

I adore his words and I will try not let them affect my heart too much.

although I think he already has a small part of it…in fact I’m pretty fucking certain.